Sitecore.Link source code available on GitHub

As promised, we're feeding our work back to the Sitecore community and presenting you with the source code of Sitecore.Link - available here on GitHub.

Tech stack:

  • Sitecore JSS 14.0 (Sitecore 10 compatible)
  • React JS 16.8
  • GraphQL
  • Material-UI

We've provided a detailed installation guide, so you should get up and running quickly with your instance.
Also as mentioned in the previous post, there is a series of further blog posts coming up on how this app got designed and built, aiming at making it an approachable tutorial on how to help you to get into Sitecore JSS headless development.

Stay tuned.

New version of Sitecore.Link gone live!

After months of hard work we're releasing a new version of Sitecore.Link!

If you're not familiar with it yet - that's the most complete Sitecore knowledge database site available.
It runs on Sitecore JSS, utilizes the most up-to-date tech stack and is far more performant and user-friendly than the previous version.

We're going public with the source code soon on GitHub.
That will be followed with a tutorial-like series of blog posts here getting into the details of how it was designed and built, all of this to help you get your head around Sitecore JSS development too.

Stay tuned.